We facilitator for groups from 20 to 120 people who prefer a natural setting for the event. On Yrineset can than among other having company party, “outings”, baptisms, confirmations, birthday celebration, family collections and weddings. When rents than Yrineset disposes than total area. The hosts are there total hours, light candles, bonfires, torches and makes it best to create a good atmosphere.


Firm Party

Solidarity in a business is important for both development and good results. Yrineset is the perfect place to have a company party, beautiful scenery can dock relax and enjoy dock with kollegar. Companies can also have a meeting, courses and conferences in our great local on Yrineset.



Have you found drøyme partner is Yrineset place you keep things weddings party. There are also opportunities to go you keep things consecrated on Yrineset. In the midst of a valley with high mountains and waterfalls, you victory yes to your loved Jostedalsbreen in the background.